Rhymes with Reason is an interactive educational tool that facilitates vocabulary acquisition through hip-hop lyrics. Currently, low income Black and Hispanic youth are reading at an 8th grade level at the same time that their white counterparts are reading at a 12th grade level. Rhymes with Reason serves to shorten this gap by strengthening vocabulary, reading and english skills primarily for underrepresented, high school aged students.

How Rap Can be a Learning Tool
Rhymes with Reason is designed to take academic vocabulary (SAT, ACT and Common Core) words said by hip-hop artists in pre-existing songs, and creates a culturally engaging curriculum made up of these words.

While the student flips through their vocabulary word set, they have the ability to repeatedly listen to their favorite rappers, utter academic vocabulary. Students are able to memorize vocabulary words and their meaning, just like they are often able to memorize the lyrics to their favorite songs.

Rhymes with Reason innovatively gives students the unique ability to strengthen their vocabulary proficiency while simultaneously listening to their favorite hip-hop artist. Rhymes with Reason allows students a way to bring their experience outside of the classroom, of deeply engaging in their enjoyment of hip-hop music, and following their favorite artists, inside the classroom and into their educational experience. This precisely meets students "where they're at".
Our Mission(s)
Rhymes with Reason's core mission is to increase academic proficiency for underrepresented, middle to high school aged students by creatively engaging them in the academic learning process, in the hopes of ultimately propelling them toward collegiate education.

We truly believe in the transcendent effect that Rhymes with Reason can have in the lives of those who interact with our program. We believe that Rhymes with Reason will bring empowerment to students of color. Rhymes with Reason will teach young students of color that the artists that look like them, whom they hold in such high regard, are extremely intellectual. Rhymes with Reason will serve as a lesson to kids that rappers' expertise and success is rooted in their effective utilization of vocabulary. Finally giving academic credit where it is due to rappers/hip-hop artists---- progressive, young intellectuals (primarily) of color, will empower students who so strongly identify with these rappers.

Here at Rhymes with Reason we also strive to change the way America as a whole views hip-hop, and make people reassess their judgement of rappers as so-called thugs, and we believe we can do so when naysayers see how much SAT vocabulary these so called thugs are using. Changing this stereotype that can trickle down--- and be transformative in the experience of Black and Brown youth is one of the most important things that Rhymes with Reason hopes to accomplish.
Meryl Charleston
Head of Technology
Austin Martin
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